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You’re a successful, spiritual, single woman who is looking for love. You’ve been serious about your search for love for quite a long while now and have invested time, energy and even money in learning what you may be missing.

You see so many friends and acquaintances who are in great relationships and you are starting to feel something must be wrong with you that you cannot seem to be able to experience that kind of healthy true love that others so easily attract to themselves.

You’re spending tons of money going out with girlfriends to dinners and movies just because you don’t want to be alone on yet another Saturday night. You splurge on more shoes and clothes than you need and call it “retail therapy”. You’re so busy pretending that you don’t NEED a man to make you happy and yet you know your inner emotional state is a mess.

How can you attract love if you’re lacking it for your own self? One thing is for sure: you cannot treat yourself like a less important option and expect any man to make you his priority. If you’re always putting yourself last, looking to others to fulfill your every need and to make you happy then you’re wasting your precious life.

Being happy is a prerequisite to finding a healthy and happy relationship. There needs to be some internal knowing, some internal shift that needs to happen so you can accept yourself and then attract and experience true love.

The most important person in any relationship is you. How are you contributing to your own happiness?

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