I’ve been called many things, but outspoken and intriguing? I never thought of myself that way, but I will take both!

Outspoken? Certainly I am that. For those who may have known me many, many years ago, you may recall that I hardly ever spoke a word for fear of the wrath of those close to me. But time throws some curveballs at us, and one day we realize that our being silent is actually a disservice to the society we live in, that we have a responsibility to voice our opinion and be heard.

Designing has always been my passion but lately I have been frantically busy writing. Words pour onto the pages, words that I know not where they come from. All I know is that there is so much I have to share with the world and there is no time to waste. It has been a journey, this being an author, which continues to evolve in ways that surprises even me.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that all figures of speech matter, and when the writer is almost in a hypnotic trance, in the right place and guided by the prowess of her pen then she cannot stop her prolific writing nor the intelligence behind her words while God witnesses the progress she is making.

I read somewhere that Vincent Van Gogh used to paint his own portrait when he was depressed and lonely, fighting against the feelings of isolation and rejection by his establishment. Those were his best works by far.

Loneliness, isolation, rejection and depression, must one experience all of these then to become a master?  Hmmm…

Reason why I don’t ask for anyone’s opinion nowadays is because people are just too afraid. They are afraid of the society and its opinions, afraid to get on the wrong side of others and lose favor. So they end up always covering the truth with a lie. I want brutal honesty but not a lot of people can do that, which is sad, very sad indeed…

I also know that neither I nor you are under any obligations whatsoever to forget anything that may have happened to us. We’re not required to push away the years of abuse because the abuser now chooses to reach out and let you know he regrets his actions. Having heard him out I do believe that any debt you might owe for your existence is now paid in full. Forgive? Yes, that we must do. Because the act of forgiving is really not about the other person but we forgive for the sake of our own inner peace.

So, back to being outspoken. I’ve had many radio interviews recently about my fashion predictions and my upcoming books, and it often seems to me that the questions are very carefully posed. Because of course, we have an audience that is listening in. And listeners expect pretty lies for the most part.

So when we talk about fashion they expect to hear only about the positive. But in my opinion fashion today has evolved into a blatant sheerness and shamelessness. Is naked the new elegance? Is nude the new white? In my opinion there is a time and place for all things, fashion included.

Hear more on this and other matters during my recent interview with the one and only Edward Tyll, radio personality and host of the syndicated radio show The Ed Tyll Show.



I hope you listened till the end and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing a bit of myself…

Don’t tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth and expect to be hated…



© Rani St. Pucchi, 2016

Rani’s book: Your Body, Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body Type is now available on Amazon http://bit.ly/Rani-YourBody-YourStyle

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