“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” —Rumi

A bride visited my trunk show in New York and had me design a custom wedding dress for her. I asked what date she would need it by, and was told that actually she was not even seeing anyone.

In fact, she had not gone on a date for three years, focusing on growing her business instead. Now that her business was up and running, she decided to take action steps that would send a clear message to the Universe that she was ready to meet her soul mate and get married.

Six months later when her dress arrived, she hung it in her closet in an obvious place where it would be visible to her every morning before she left for work and every evening when she returned home. She sent it love and visualized her husband being there with her. She had imaginary conversations with him every day. She was convinced that he was on his way.

Within two months of receiving her dress, she met her future husband at a restaurant, and they got engaged a mere thirty days later. She is now happily married.

Now that is acting “as if” and being intentional!


Do you feel like you are constantly spinning your wheels on finding true love? You’re reading books on love, listening to all the wise gurus talk about love, attending seminars on love, and even being coached on how to find true love. You’re looking for, hoping for, even praying for, but not finding, your soul mate.

You’ve dated enough men and given consistently of your time and emotional energy only to be disappointed. You have yet to meet the kind of partner that you would be happy with, someone with whom you can create a loving, long-lasting relationship.

What are you doing to attract true love to you? Perhaps you are afraid of love and are subconsciously sabotaging your chances of finding it without even realizing it?

Have you consciously said to yourself, “I’m ready for a real, big love to share my life with, a beloved, a soul mate”? But having said that, are you truly ready to welcome that person into your life? Have you done the inner work, losing your fears and limiting beliefs around love?

Set an intention with all the resources that have been given to you and take a stand to create what you most desire. Devote time and attention to focusing inward to discover, and begin healing unresolved patterns and your need for absolute perfection that is keeping you from making better choices.

Your own inner and outer consciousness and your beliefs in your power to create are at your disposal. In order for love to happen to you, you must make an effort to go toward seeking, allowing, and finally receiving it.

You are limitless energy, a powerful creator. You have the power to manifest extraordinary love. The choices you make can foster true joy and love into your life. The energy that you pour into your efforts will create your desired experiences. If you are not living the life of your dreams, it’s because on some level you have created blocks that are keeping you from everything you desire.

Create a vision for love that is bigger than you can imagine. Decide that you’re ready to attract that soul mate into your life. Believe. Visualize what it will feel like when you have what you desire. Then show up in ways that are consistent with your vision. This intention and implementation may be out of your comfort zone, and even though you doubt that success is guaranteed, if you don’t try, how will you know?

Here are steps you can take now:

1. STOP TELLING YOURSELF OLD STORIES: Your past and the stories that you tell yourself of why and how you have failed or what someone else did to you do not serve you and are blocking your bright future.

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2. REMOVE ALL THE BARRIERS YOU HAVE CREATED: Change your story, your core beliefs that may be sabotaging your relationships. And remove all the blocks, which you may have subconsciously created, that are stopping you from receiving what it is that you desire.

3. EXPAND YOUR CAPACITY FOR LOVE: Be the amazing partner you want to attract. Have a healthy self-esteem and expand your beliefs about your worthiness as they relate to how lovable you are.

4. SHOW UP: Put yourself in situations and go to appropriate places where you may meet that special someone. Show up really interested and available. Show up as your authentic self, with confidence and the conviction that you are valuable, wanted, and worthy of the most amazing relationship.

5. WRITE IT OUT: The power of the written word cannot be underestimated.

Write your intentions.

Describe how you want to feel and experience in the partnership.

Feel it. How does it feel to be loved?

Repeat. Keep repeating the process continuously for the next forty days, and then be open to receiving.

6. DISCARD ALL LIMITING BELIEFS: There is a virus going around in our society that tells us we must be a certain way, a certain weight, a certain height, a certain age to have love in our lives. Those are all lies. Those “limiting beliefs” do not serve you

7. AFFIRM: Write down affirmations and read them with conviction daily and often, until they seep into your subconscious and become your core beliefs. Affirmations are your power statements and can create a permanent shift in consciousness to create a transformation that is short of miraculous.

8. SET AN INTENTION AND VISION: Start envisioning the committed life partnership that is possible for you. Intentionally connect with your desires and envision your future, the kind of love partner and the experiences that you desire.

9. RAISE YOUR LOVE VIBRATION: Once your heart is freed of the blocks to the love that you are, you move into a higher vibration. Conscious choice, gratitude, and forgiveness play a crucial part in your healing and will help raise your love vibration. You are a magnet, and you will attract your perfect partner who is also vibrating at the same energy level as you.

Recognize that this is an intentional process and know that you have the power to create the love you want. You do not need to know how it will happen. All you need is a clear vision and an absolute certainty that what you are looking for is also looking for you.

Move through the world with openness and presence, receptive and attentive to synchronistic signs. Make choices and take actions in alignment with the future of the love that you seek.

Something magical is coming your way. Just allow.

Above is an excerpt from the #1 International Bestseller, The SoulMate Checklist.

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2017

Rani St. Pucchi is an award-winning Couture Fashion Designer, a Style & Image Consultant, and a Relationship Expert. She is a Bestselling Author, a Speaker, an Inspirational Coach and a Trainer. Her #1 International Bestselling Books, Your Body, Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body Type and The SoulMate Checklist : Keys to Finding Your Perfect Partner are now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles.

For more information on Rani please visit www.ranistpucchi.com

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