Thanks to technology the way we experience love, intimacy and connection has completely changed in this digital age. We are able to communicate instantaneously and most conveniently now than at any other time in history. How deep and meaningful, or how shallow and fleeting these connections are, can be a mystery as more and more people are able to hide behind their conversations when communicating from cyberspace.

Meaningful conversations are now being replaced by rapid-fire texts and tweets, face-to-face interactions are replaced by skype and facetime. Social media connections, for the majority of us, are fleeting friendships. Try not updating your status for a few days and your so-called “friends” will have forgotten you already. Besides, how true are the events and statuses posted on these sites? Who is going to check anyway? The society we live in can be called quite a “fake” society then.

We tend to spend more time in front of a screen and less time with each other. We travel together and yet we are each doing our own thing. We have become a vain society indeed in that we are now immersed in our own needs and wants at the expense of our loved ones’. It is not uncommon to see a couple separated, one busy taking selfies and the other just standing by the wayside, impatiently waiting and seemingly lost. They are traveling together and yet they are not together. It seems the selfie craze is here to stay…

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