Many people are painting the town red and making plans on how best to prove and validate their feelings for their loved ones. It is also that time of the year when the entire world seems to be divided into three different groups. Each group has its own ideas and struggles on how best to celebrate.

Most of us can relate as having belonged to one or the other of these at some point of our lives.

The first group comprises of those couples in a happy and fulfilling relationship. Their only ‘problem’ seems to be about how to come up with the most romantic plan or find the most meaningful present for loved ones.

Those who belong to the second group are ones who have lost their spark and seem to be struggling to revive it. These couples seem to be merely biding time with each other. V-day brings with it a lot of misunderstandings and headaches for them.

Then there are those who are single, either because they have lost their loved ones or are still searching for Mr. Right. For this group it is crucial to remember that self-love is very important. Being single on V-day really highlights all the best parts of being unattached: you get to party with all your single friends as well as meet new ones, save your money on having to buy overpriced gifts and pamper yourself instead.

It does not matter which group you belong to. What matters is that you make up your mind to get into the mood and enjoy your day.

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